The search for solutions to successfullytackle

the challenges of managing the integral water cycle

SOLO H2O Canarian Water Solutions is owned by two Canarian companies, TAGUA and ELMASA Tecnología del Agua, founded with the aim of undertaking international actions. The common denominator of both companies is the search for solutions, using the best design and maximum innovation, to successfully solve the management of water resources for social, industrial, tourist and agricultural development.

As both technology and management companies, they have always anticipated the need and demand increases for quality water, which has been an urgent need in the Canary Islands during the past fifty years. For this reason, these companies are noted for technological evolution in the water sector, especially in the areas of desalination and wastewater treatment reuse. This permanent commitment to innovation has made the Canary Islands a world reference in this field.

Brackish water desalination plants, seawater desalination plants, drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, underwater inlets for seawater intake, outfalls and diffuser systems for the discharge of brine and treated water, well water collection works, dam intakes, dams, channels and transport pipes, distribution of drinking water or distribution of reclaimed water, are some of the facilities and services where the highly experienced human team that forms SOLO H20 intervenes.