“Pioneer at an international level in innovation

concerning certain sector services”

SOLO H2O Canarian Water Solutions is capable of responding to any need or challenge in the water sector. Its activity is focused on water and the environment, mainly in desalination and wastewater treatment reuse.

The human team dedicates an important part of its activity to all aspects of the design and manufacture of desalination stations; the construction of water intakes, rejected water works and process installations (including monitoring and automation). Likewise, the team carries out the design and installation execution of environmental and energy efficiency improvements in different desalination plants.

It also undertakes external work providing assistance and specialized services in the field of desalination, wastewater treatment and tertiary treatment, tele-monitoring  and more specifically, in the management and maintenance of water treatment stations.

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of desalinated water, using reversible electrodialysis and reverse osmosis
of professional experience in hydraulic infrastructure management
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per year in maintenance and supervision of hydraulic infrastructures
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+ 0 km
of managed distribution networks


The SOLO H20 Technical Office carries out the design of new facilities, especially those related to desalination plants, treatment plants and tertiary treatments for the reuse of purified water. Likewise, it advises on the convenience of the treatment technology to be implemented, monitors the operating conditions and maintenance of the hydraulic infrastructures and helps in the sustainable management of the facilities and compliance with technical, administrative and legal requirements.

All this under the philosophy of turnkey (EPC) work, with high quality standards in its processes, providing personalized solutions that meet the needs of the client.

The following services are provided with the main focus on the search for efficiencies and improvement opportunities, which redound in lower operating costs, the decrease of operational incidents in facilities and their greater productivity:

  • Technical audit of water works
  • Energy audits, focused on maximizing energy savings
  • Design and operations and maintenance consultancy of:
    • Filtration systems
    • Desalination plants
    • Wastewater treatment plants and tertiary treatments for water reuse
    • Water treatment plants for the industrial and tourist sector
    • Industrial automation in the monitoring of water treatment plants
    • Compact transportable and freight container treatment plants


The human team operates and maintains an extensive number of seawater and brackish water desalination plants, which allocate their production to supply urban, agricultural, industrial and tourist needs. The principal process applied in desalination is Reverse Osmosis, as well as Reversible Electrodialysis (EDR) and brackish water Capacitive Deionization.

Maintenance plans allow annual availability ratios of over 95% to be achieved, through services that are configured à la carte to the needs of each client.


SOLO H20 manages wastewater treatment plants with water from urban, industrial and tourist sector origin that allows residual water to be discharged into the environment through underwater outfalls and sewer networks, complying with current environmental regulations.

It must be noted that the SOLO H20 human team was a pioneer in Europe in the reuse of treated wastewater for the irrigation of gardens and golf courses, contributing to water recycling and promoting the Circular Economy in the management of water resources.

Hence, the company offers individual solutions to different challenges in the field of wastewater treatment. In the case of industrial water treatment, it has extensive experience in ensuring that the outfall water meets discharge targets. In order to provide solutions the company carries out engineering and design work, construction and start up operations, as well as its  own operations, using the most cutting-edge technologies on the market, such as MBR technology combined with DAF systems.