Sustainability and Innovation

“Reducing the carbon footprint in the environment

is one of the company’s  premises when facing any task

SOLO H2O Canarian Water Solutions maintains a firm commitment to Sustainable Development Goals, especially those related to water, applying with the utmost care and attention the necessary requirements contributing to environmental preservation  and the lowering of C02 emissions, in all of its interventions and processes.

Accordingly, with the aim of not affecting the natural environment, SOLO H2O is committed to desalination and minimizing the exploitation of its own underground water wells, despite the fact that it is a costly option. It is also committed to the implementation of renewable energies in its work, as well as the use of less polluting systems. Likewise, in purification and wastewater reuse, it undertakes projects with decades of experience in the field, implementing the best technology so as to minimize  environmental harm.

sustainability goals