Human team

“It has the necessary Know How,

with half a century of experience

in managing water treatment projects

SOLO H2O Canarian Water Solutions has the necessary Know-How, with half a century of experience in water management. It has specialist personnel in the areas of consultancy, design, project management, industrial automation, electrical and mechanical installations, and the start up of water treatment plants and hydraulic infrastructures. The SOLO H2O team is made up of more than 100 technicians and specialists with accredited professional solvency.

Over the years this human team has grown and evolved with the latest worldwide technological advances in the sector, being pioneers and innovators in many aspects, such as; the integration of energy recovery systems in desalination, the use of membranes in seawater pretreatment, the reuse of water for the irrigation of golf courses and gardens, seawater intake systems, brine discharge by means of Venturi diffusers,  the use of MBR technology for wastewater treatment, and so on.